Liz’s first day as…Liz

Hello World!

I’m Liz Hanlon, star of stage, screen, and…ok, enough of that.  Star of no stage, no screen, but I am the star in Barbara Reed’s suspense novels, and I’m here to tell you it’s not easy!  To clarify, being the protagonist is not the tough part.  That’s actually fun. I get to run around and spout off, give my opinions where they may or may not be wanted, and even write and sing my own music.  Right there in the book!  But it’s all the things that come after a book is finished that are driving me crazy.  Literally kicking my ass, to be honest.  Why, you ask?  Welcome to the world of the Independent Artist, and the subject of this blog.

There’s no question it’s an indie world these days.  I know that sounds wonderful, being able to create whatever you want without anybody telling you how. But then what?  All artists focus on their creation, working to make it the best it can be, and suddenly, once it’s finished, we’re told we have to switch hats and become agent, producer, publisher, and publicist.  Think about it; what on earth makes it seem as though these jobs are quick to learn, or easy to pull off?  I mean, it takes no time at all to get your brand new mystery novel in all the stores across the country, right?  Just call up each store and tell them about your terrific book.  They’ll be sure to make room for them on their shelves. You ship them off by the truckload, paying the cost of shipping. of course. By the way you pay the cost of the return shipping as well when they don’t sell.  And did I mention that you’ve already paid for editing, design, layout, photos, and printing?  Now you’ve added shipping.  And why both ways?  Certainly your book (or music) will catch on and therefore sell like hotcakes, right?  You’ve posted the news of it on social media.  What else is there to do?

I trust you see my point.  Each one of these jobs is an integral part of producing any book or music, and as an Indie artist, we have to do them all.  It’s hard work, exhausting, and sometimes we all want to opt out. But then where would we be?  One thing I am is tenacious.  If you’ve read Reed’s books you know that.  So what’s a tenacious workaholic like me to do?

Write this blog, of course!  I get tons of emails and posts asking what’s up with my promo efforts.  (Okay, it’s really Reed who’s doing them, but humor me).  Now that both books are in electronic as well as print format, and the latest CD, On Stage is starting to show up everywhere (and beginning to sell too, thank you very much!), I thought I’d start this blog to create a timeline of what’s happening with my career as the star of the Liz Hanlon novels.  Now that it’s here, I’d like to open it up to anyone who wants to share something about their own promo efforts, or maybe just took their own horn.  All you Indie writers and musicians, please join me in an open exchange of ideas on getting our works of art out there!  No bad reviews, competition, or back-stagging of course, just suggestions you’d be willing to pass along, and a little encouragement to everyone who tries.  We are, after all, in the same boat, are we not?  That said, here’s my latest news:

  • Sony Pictures is interested in producing a 3-movie TV series based on Barbara Reed’s Liz Hanlon series!  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that in today’s world everything is–you got it–INDIE.  And how does that effect me?  It means that Team Reed has the responsibility of finding the right Producer to partner with Sony!  So while the movies will be shot on the Sony property and will be distributed by Sony, an independent producer must put the package together.  Anyone got a top-notch producer sitting around in their back pocket?  If so, I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll sign off by listing where you can read and/or listen to my work.  Hope to hear from some of you about yours soon.

Harmonic Deception and High Notes Are Murder are available at:,,, and

On Stage by Barbara Reed is available at:,, and


Liz Hanlon (a.k.a. Barbara Reed)  

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